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The members of the MFFA help protect, preserve and promote the fire service in Mississippi. Our members include active career, volunteer and retired firefighters; all of whose membership contribute to firefighter safety, continued education, legislative action, policy making and ensuring the ongoing tradition of America’s Bravest.

How to Join?

After completing the MFFA application, include with it a $20 check, or money order, and mail to the address listed. If you are joining with a group, have the Secretary be responsible for sending applications together and yearly dues should be handled in the same manner to facilitate association bookkeeping. New members joining after the convention will be awarded the remainder of that calendar year. Dues are past due after January 1st and dues must be paid in order to vote.

MFFA Application

What are the Benefits of joining the MFFA?

  • $2,000 life insurance benefit. There are no stipulations or age requirements on it.
  • Family receives MFFA footstone, MFFA flag, and flag case upon your death.
  • Members are eligible for scholarships (MFFA Scholarship) to go back to school to further their education; this is funded by the MFFA through tag monies. (Must have been a member for 5 consecutive years)
  • Members' children, step-children, and grandchildren are eligible for a scholarship (Ray Bryant Scholarship) to attend college; this is funded by the MFFA through tag monies. (Must have been a member for 5 consecutive years)
  • Conference dues are waived for members paying their dues and submitting their conference registration form by April 1.
  • Eligible to apply for up to $17,100 scholarship to Waldorf University. (Must have been a member for 2 consecutive years)
  • Eligible to join FAA Federal Credit Union

Types of Membershps

There are four(4) types of membership:

Active members
Active or retired members of all regularly organized fire departments, regardless of whether paid, volunteer or private, Salvage Corps, Fire Prevention and Protection Associations, State Fire Marshall, including assistants or deputies, City Fire Wardens and Fire Marshals, Fire Commissioners, State Fire Academy Director and Instructors, Mississippi Forestry Commission Firefighters, U.S. Forest Service Firefighters and Mississippi State Rating Bureau, shall be eligible for membership in this Association. Any member of the Association entering the Armed Forces of the United States shall remain a member in good standing, without further payment of dues until 90 days after release from active military service. Association members leaving the fire service may remain members as long as they pay their dues through their former department.
Associate members
All representative of organizations dealing with apparatus, equipment, supplies, or services used by the fire service may become associate members.
Honorary members
Must be qualified citizens of this state, and of good moral character, and must have demonstrated their interest in the fire service. They must be recommended by an active member of the Association. Each fire department of 50 or less members shall be allowed up to 10 honorary members; departments having over 50 members shall be allowed 5 additional honorary members for each additional 50 members or fraction thereof. Honorary Members may attend all meetings, and participate in all celebrations of the Association, but shall not have a vote.
Lifetime members
Membership may only be bestowed on fire fighters who have distinguished themselves in the fire service and the affairs of the Association. Recommendations for life membership must be submitted by the originating department to the Executive Committee for a determination of eligibility and approval or disapproval. If approved, the President will present the name for vote under New Business at the next annual meeting. Each president leaving office in good standing shall be granted life membership in the Association. Lifetime members shall be accorded all privileges of the Association, including the right to vote and hold office. Any Member of the Association, convicted of a felony shall not be considered for Lifetime Membership and any Lifetime Member convicted of a felony, shall have this honor revoked.


Only active members with current dues paid and registered as delegates at the conference shall be eligible to vote. Members not attending a conference may vote by oral proxy, but no one delegate may cast more than 10 votes, including their own.


The officers of the Association consist of a President, a Vice-President At-Large, eight District Vice-Presidents, and the Secretary-Treasurer. All officers shall be elected at the annual conference of the Association. The successful candidates must receive only a simple majority of the votes cast. Each district, acting and voting as a separate body, shall make nominations for and elect the Vice-President from their district. Candidates must be registered and present at the conference to be eligible for election, unless providentially hindered and this requirement waived by the conference assembly.

Annual Conference

Conferences are held each year in different parts of the state. At the end of each conference, a City or Fire Department can request to host the convention two years out.

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