Greetings members, guests, and supporters.

I am humbled, and truly honored to serve as Vice President at Large for the Mississippi Fire
fighters Association. This is a role that I would have never imagined serving in as a new
firefighter over 15 years ago. I started out as a volunteer within the Louisville Fire Department
before joining the ranks as a full-time firefighter under the leadership of the late Mike Stevenson
who provided me with an opportunity that I could never repay. I currently serve as the Fire Chief
for the City of Louisville Fire Department and have for the last four years.

Just over six years ago I was approached by a few friends and members of the Association
about serving as the East Central District VP. After a lot of encouragement, thought, and prayer
I decided that I would give it a shot, and if it was meant to be then it would all come together.
Serving in this role over the last six years has truly been an amazing experience.

In my new role as Vice President at Large I make a commitment not only to our members, but to
the entire Mississippi Fire Service that I will strive to further the cause of our firefighters in a way
that will make them proud, and hopefully assist in creating a better future for all our firefighters.
As so many have said before “We must leave it better than we found it”, and “if it’s worth doing
then we better do it right”.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if there is ever anything that I can do to assist you or
your department. My contact information is below, and I am also available on just about all
social media.

Robert Hutto Sr.
Vice President at Large; Mississippi Firefighter’s Association
Fire Chief; City of Louisville Fire Department
662-773-9402 (office)
662-803-7728 (cell)