Firefighter Rodeo returns to Conference

Teams will consist of 3 people, 2 of which will be dressed in full PPE and wearing SCBA (no facepiece)
1. Team member # 1 will be on cot in plain clothes.
2. Team member # 2 will begin at water dumping station.
3. Team member # 3 will begin on the go cart.

At the start, Team Member # 1 will get up and dress into their PPE. They will pick up a 5 gal bucket, fill with water from, and carry 25 ft to water dumping station. At this point, Team Member # 2 can assist with his/her bucket. Five (5) total buckets will have to be moved. Then, Team Member # 1 and # 2 will pick up 100 ft of preconnect hoseline and move the go cart by using water only. Water must only be sprayed on the back board of the go cart. Go cart must travel 100 ft to the finish line.

Pushing the cart with the nozzle will result in disqualification.